Beginners Kitesurfing Boracay

Beginners Kitesurfing Course

Learn to kite surf with Graykite. Progress from rookie to rockstar in days
5.00 / 2 reviews
per person
9 hours
Boracay Kitesurfing Lesson

Kitesurfing Lesson

Never tried kitesurfing before? Get started with a beginners kitesurfing lesson.
per person
3 Hours
Advanced Kitesurfing Boracay

Advanced Kitesurfing Lesson

Want a refresher or to learn mad kitesurfing skills? This is your course.
per person
5 hours
Bespoke Kitesurfing Boracay

Bespoke Kitesurfing Lessons

Can’t see what you want? Design your own course and we'll make it
per person