Things to do in Boracay

Boracay and the surrounding islands of the Western Visayas boast breathtaking scenery and a rich biodiversity of marine and plant life. As well as taking in the stunning natural beauty of the area you can enjoy many forms of water sports and other fun activities.

Scuba Diving

Things to do in Boracay - Scuba DivingBoracay is a scuba diver’s dream come true with over thirty diving schools and a wide choice of dive sites to enjoy.  We would suggest choosing the dive site first, followed by the diving school.

Water visibility at Boracay’s diving spots are directly related to water temperature. The hot summer months, from April to June, visibility can be up to 50 meters.  During the coldest winter months, December through to February, visibility can be down to 5 meters.

The currents are quite mild along the longer parts of Boracay east to west, which is ideal for beginners. Between Boracay & Caribou and Boracay & Panay currents can be very strong, tide tables must be consulted when planning dives at these dive sites.

Rates: A 3-4 hour beginner course with 1 dive costs around P3500. If you already have your PADI Certification, a fun dive costs around P1600.

Where to book: A number of PADI diving centres are located in White Beach. Try WaterColors Dive Resort or Victory Divers.


Snorkling in Boracay

There are a few key areas where most types of the sea life around Boracay can be easily seen from the shallows.

One of the best places to snorkel is off Diniwit beach, around the reef knolls and rocky shore line that wind their way from Spider House towards Shangri-La

Renting a kayak or Paraw (local mini sailboats) makes it easy to explore the several miles of islets, beaches and reef along this stretch of shoreline.

ATV Buggy Tours

ATV Boracay

Explore the wilder side of Boracay with an ATV Buggy tour and power up Mount Luhol to visit the Ocean Tower, with its 360 degree view of Boracay.

Then race back down the other side of the mountain to the kite beach at Bulabog, where in season you will be wowed by the colourful silhouettes of kites dancing across the sky line.

Be sure to take your camera for not just the stunning scenery on route, but also to capture some pictures inside the famous Trick Art Museum.

Rates: P800-P1000 per unit


Parasailing Boracay

Discover the awe inspiring sensation of being whisked away into the heavens above Boracay’s crystal clear waters. The Sibyuan Sea is magical as are the panoramic vistas of the nearby islands of the central Visayas.  The boat and your colourful parachute will do all the work whilst you sit back and soak in the feeling of floating on the clouds.

Rates: P750 to P2500 per person, depending on how many you are in the group, and how well you haggle. You can even push it lower during off peak season! Just remember that it’s more expensive if you’re doing it solo…

Where to book: Diamond Watersports at White Beach Station 1 (+63 36 288 6621, +63 36 288 6681).

Mermaid Simming

Mermaid Swimming

This fun and unique activity is one you won’t want to miss. The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy offers mono–fin swimming lessons for all ages.  Not only do students get to wear mono fins, they also get to wear mermaid tails.  Included is a photo to prove to your friends and family that you were once a mermaid!

Rates: P1500 for an introductory course. Minimum of 3 persons.

Where to book: Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, +63 917 324 3947

Zorb and Zipline

Zipline Boracay

Ever wanted to bounce and roll down a hill into a pool inside a giant bubble? On top of Mt Luhol there is both this opportunity and an 80 foot above sea level 300 meter down to the beach zip line. 

RATES: ZORB, P400-500; ZIPLINE, P700

Where to book: Zorb Park, Yapak (+63 92 7908 5191); Zipline Boracay, Fairways &Bluewater  (+63 92 9703 7599)

Contact Graykite Tarifa for details of the best local deals

Fly Fish

Fly Fish Boracay

An exhilarating ride for adventure seekers.  Be warned, it is not for the faint of heart!  Your giant inflatable fish, pulled along by a speedboat, is a bouncy and bumpy ride.  At times you will even fly just a little.  So hang on to your hat, ready for when your Bucking Bronco throws you off.  Buck… sounds a bit like luck…

Rates: P550-P600 per person

Where to book: Diamond Watersports at White Beach Station

Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving in Boracay

Cliff diving is one of Boracays must-do adventures for the young and young at heart.  Ariels Point has five platforms to jump from, the highest being 13 meters, the lower ones being 7 meters, 6 meters and 3 meters respectfully. If guests prefer not to jump from the platforms there is a floating dock in which to enter the water.

Rates: P1,600 per person, includes a round-trip outrigger ride, BBQ lunch buffet, merienda (afternoon snacks), unlimited drinks , full use of Ariel’s Point amenities and services (cliff-diving, canoes, kayaks, snorkeling gear, and floating raft), and coverage of local environmental and snorkeling fees.

Where to book: Boracay Beach Club, Station 1 (+63 36 288 6770)

Paraw Sailing

Paraw Sailing Boracay

A Paraw is a traditional outrigger boat with two sails.  Plenty of these are on the island should you decide to take a relaxing sail around the island or a sunset cruise.

You can also choose to island hop.  Caribou or Panay Islands are just a jaunt over the crystal clear waters. Be sure to pack a picnic and cold drinks for your adventure.

Rates: P1000-P1500 per person, depending on how many you are in the group

Where to book: Zorb Park, Yapak (+63 92 7908 5191); Zipline Boracay, Fairways &Bluewater  (+63 92 9703 7599)

Contact Graykite Tarifa for details of the best local deals