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Beginners Kitesurfing Course

Learn to kite surf with Graykite. Progress from rookie to rockstar in days with our beginners kitesurfing course. We’ll teach you how to read the spot and weather, safety procedures and how to set up and fly a kite. Then we’ll move on to body dragging, board starts, riding downwind, riding upwind and basic turns.

9 hours

Kitesurfing Lesson

Never tried kitesurfing before? Get started with a beginners kitesurfing lesson.

3 Hours
Advanced Kitesurfing Boracay

Advanced Kitesurfing Lesson

Want a refresher or to learn mad kitesurfing skills? This is your course.

5 hours

Kids Kitesurfing Lesson

Our unique teaching methodology guarantees safety and progress.

3 Hours
Bespoke Kitesurfing Boracay

Bespoke Kitesurfing Lessons

Can’t see what you want? Design your own course and we’ll make it happen.