Places to visit by boat

There are many great places to visit around Boracay by Outrigger, Paraw, Trike, Bus and Bike. As Boracay is small islet in the Sibyuan Seas, any adventure off the island needs to start with some form of boat travel..

Sibuyan Island

Boracay tours - Sibuyan Island

An island paradise unlike anywhere you’ve ever been. With many unexplored areas on land and on sea, the uniquely rich biodiversity of its indigenous flora and fauna mean Sibuyan has come to be known as the Galapagos of Asia.

One of the most truly pristine and last untouched paradises on earth, this Archipelago is located literally in the heart of the Philippines.

Embedded into turquoise-coloured water is Mount Guiting. Guiting looms 2058m above the water and is the most recognisable landmark of Sibuyan Island. A spectacular mountain to climb, it’s usually a 2 day trip up and down.

Scientists from around the world agree: This extremely valuable jewel must be preserved and protected, because this is waiting for you:

  • the world’s densest forest
  • five forest formations
  • different local climate zones
  • beautiful waterfalls
  • endemic flora & fauna
  • crystal clear rivers
  • freshwater lagoons
  • bays and lonesome beaches

Tablas Island

Tablas Island

The Island of Tablas is one of the largest that comprise the province of Romblon. The island name is Spanish in origin, before the colonization of the Philippines, Tablas was known as the Island of Osigan. Before contact with westerners the population were only 250 people living in small villages mostly along the coast.

Tablas is subdivided into the municipalities of Calatrava, Alcantara, Ferrol, Odiongan, Looc, San Agustin, Santa Fe, San Andres and Santa Maria.

Seco Island

Seco Island

An uninhabiated sand island located to the North East of the Sulu Sea with a 1,5 kilometer stretch of sand. Seco Island is the crown jewel of Antique and one of the best kept secrets in the province. But in the kitesurfing world it is a secret no longer. With steady smooth trade winds and flat emerald blue waters, Seco Island is a Kitesurfers paradise. This island is part of Tibiao Antique and is now dubbed as the eco-heritage of Panay Island.

Panay Island

Panay Island

Panay Island belongs to the Western Visayas region in the the central Philippines. It is divided into five provinces, Antique, Aklan, Capiz, Guimaras and Iloilo. With agriculture producing mangoes, coconut’s, vegetables, root crops, pineapple’s and muscovado which is the origin of sugar in the Philippine’s. Surrounded by various bodies of water, lowlands, rugged hills and mountains and low lands, giving Panay a rich diverse marine life, inland fishery and various agriculture products.