Boracay Kite Spots

Some time around the middle of October the smooth steady trade winds start to blow in Boracay and Kite Beach comes back to life with kitesurfers flocking in from all over the world.

As the seasons change the wind flits from Amian at Kite Beach to Habagat at White Beach. Many people find the unpredictability an exciting challenge, allowing for kite sessions on white beach. The season really gets going in November once the Trade winds settle in, and Bulabog begins its new season as the premier kite destination in Asia.

With steady wind from November till end of April, and relatively flat water, you can usually stand up in waist high water depending on the tide. This, and the smooth wind, is what makes learning kite surfing in Boracay easier than many other kiting locations.

There are Sea urchins to be found at places in the bay, little black creatures covered in spikes that, if stepped on, break off and end up lodged within your skin. At GrayKite we give you booties to wear so this is never a problem.

There is an island separating the two sides of the bay, you will need to kite up wind a little to pass by this island and over towards the south end of the reef protected bay. You will want to watch out in low to low-mid tide as the reef heads can be exposed in the shallower tides. Often in these lower tides the reef will be immersed as waves push over them, but then quickly become exposed again during the ebb of the waves.

There are two openings to this outer reef, and you will want to take care as they are not the widest. However, with lots or room within the bay there is no need to head outside of the outer reef, so if you’re not confident you can navigate the openings, don’t!

If you are at an advanced level, then you can kite safari over towards the north east side of the island. Seeing the beaches of a new coast in Boracay is an exciting change of scenery. It can be a bit of an up winder depending on the wind direction, East versus South East, however it really is worth the effort.

Make sure if you decide on this adventure that you head off with another experienced kiter, as you must traverse about a kilometer of cliff and rocky shore with often sizeable waves crashing in.

White Beach

Boracay kite spots - White Beach

From June till October the wind switches over from Kite Beach to white beach , as the Typhoon season gets under way white beach becomes a adventure kiters paradise.

The wind is very unpredictable and some off seasons can be much better than others, however those few sunny 18-22 knot days can truly offer an incredible ride.

Often however with the wind comes the torrential rain. It can be a little squally at time, however often in between the frontal cloud systems can be a few hours of wind with sun.

You can ride the entire length of white beach even over to Diniwid and if really adventuress towards

Puka Beach and back. However you need to know the areas where you cannot land or launch on the beach.

There are only a few areas you are allowed to land and launch. Red Pirates at the south end of white beach, in front of Steak House in the central beach and at the very north end of the beach.

Police do monitor kiters activities, so do follow the rules, so we are continually allowed to kite on white beach.

Puka Beach

Puka Beach

Puka can offer a pleasant change from Kite Beach or White Beach. It can be kited in both Amian and Habagat season depending on the direction of wind. You will want more North in the wind direction in either season.

It is not the most popular or safest beach to kite on however, as if a problem arises and you are far enough out the relatively strong currents between the two islands of Boracay and Caribou can push you out to sea.

Also the waves crash directly on the beach making it not as nice an entry and exit from the water.

If you do decide to try Puka be sure to kite with a buddy in case any problems arise. And have fun!!