Boracay Beaches

Boracay has miles of sandy beaches, all of which have their own unique character.

White Beach

Boracay beaches - White Beach

White beach is truly enchanting. Its sun, powdery white sand and emerald hued crystal clear waters contributed to White Beach being voted the most beautiful beach in the world by Travel magazine.

You will see some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, with colours of purple to red and orange reflecting off the emerald waters.

The white sands that squeak beneath your feet are created by the rich under water coral gardens that are waiting for you to explore with mask and snorkel or with one of the many scuba diving schools scattered along its shores.

You will also find many funky, beach art and eclectic beach bars tucked away underneath the 5 kilometer stretch of palm trees.

You will almost feel as if you walked back 20 years in time at White Beach, even today many of the owners of these retro little joints are the island’s original backpackers from the early 90s.

Kite Beach / Bulabog


On the east side of the island, this 2.3 kilometer long beach is one of Asia’s top water sports and kite surfing destinations from October till May.

From the central part of the island (where all the hotels are located or just your one ) your hotel will only be a 10 minute walk to white beach and a 5 minute walk to D’mall.

Kite beach is protected by an offshore reef making the water much flatter, especially in low tide. From low tide to mid tide you can walk out to the reef in waist high water, and in extreme low tide less than ankle high water.

This Kite beach is such a perfect learning beach for beginners. Your Instructor can comfortably stand and be out in the water with you, important for your board start training and highly optimal for your fast progression when compared to other deep water teaching beaches around the world.

With smooth and steady trade winds Bulabog boasts some of the most ideal conditions to learn kite surfing to be found anywhere in the world.

Puka Beach

Puka Beach

Puka beach is on the north end of the island and has that deserted island feel. 800m long, there is plenty of space where your family can get away from the hustle and bustle of White Beach.

Please be aware, the water here is both deeper and rougher.

If you plan to spend the day here you might want to consider packing a picnic, although there are many small vendor selling cold drinks and snacks.

Take a trike, go by bicycle or rent an all terrain vehicle to get here.

Diniwid Beach

Diniwid Beach

It’s a matter of opinion, but we think Diniwid is probably the most beautiful beach on Boracay. Go see it yourself and make up your own mind!

While you’re making up your mind you should visit Spider House or Waikiki, two super chilled out beach bars that are perfect for a sunset cocktail.