About Boracay
Boracay is one of the Jewels of the Orient. 315 kilometers south of Manila and only 2 kilometers off the northern tip of Panay Island is where you’ll find this famous island paradise.

Boracay belongs to the Western Visayas. The island is less than 7 kilometres long and just 1 kilometre across at its widest point.

Boracay has emerged as a top destination for both nightlife and kite surfing and likewise as a tranquil tropical island paradise.

Most of Boracay’s resorts, bars and clubs are concentrated along White Beach, a 4 kilometer long stunningly beautiful stretch of paradise. In 2012 White Beach was named the most beautiful beach in the world by Travel magazine.

Kite surfing has made Bulabog Beach famous the world over, with wind junkies from all over the world coming coming to enjoy the steady smooth trade winds that blow from October until the end of April. Boasting some of the smoothest, most consistent winds in the world Boracay is your perfect kite surfing destination.

The weather across the Philippines has two distinct seasons.

Amian is the smooth steady trade winds that blow from October until April, as then the winds drop for the switch around month of May, at this time Boracay becomes calm and relaxed.

However Amian is just the calm before the storm; Habagat Typhoon season begins in June and pushes all the way through again until October. Occasionally rogue Typhoons keep this season going, even as late as December.

To the delight of kite surfers, Habagat season does bring many windy days of both sun and squally stormy wind to white beach the opposing beach to kite beach. If you’re lucky enough to experience a kitesurfing session on white beach with sun and wind, you will surely finish with big smiles. And maybe a cocktail.


Boracay History
The origin of the name Boracay is the Atis old dialect word ‘borac’ which literally means cotton but was used as a name for the island in reference to its the white sand, which in texture and colour was like cotton.

Boracay was inhabited by the Ati, who belong to the Southeast Asian ethnic group labelled Negritos by the Spanish, long before the western world knew of its white sand and emerald blue tranquil beaches. Before the Spaniards colonized this region the island had only 100 Ati inhabitants, living peacefully by cultivating rice, raising goats, and of course harvesting coconuts.

With not much else but sand, sea and coconut tree’s the Atis nearly solely depended on coconut, cassava, fishing and rice and potato plantations until the mid 1940s. It was not even until the late 90s that the island had electricity, and at that point it was still a challenging expedition to travel into this isolated part of the Phillines and experience Boracay’s white sand paradise.

Boracay was discovered by backpackers then popularized by German writer Jens Peter as he described Boracay´s history and called it the most beautiful island in Asia. After taking photos from around the Island he made postcards which helped contribute to Boracays development into an east Asian backpacker’s dream destination. All this contributed to Boracay´s development into one of the major tourists destinations in the Philippines.

Getting to Boracay

Travelling to Boracay isn’t as hard as some people think. It takes a tiny bit longer than getting to more mainstream resorts, but that’s a small price to pay for the rewards once you get here.

We’ve listed the main ways people travel to Boracay on holiday, but if we haven’t covered what you are looking for then just drop us an email to and we’ll provide whatever assistance you need. We can help with accommodation and many other things too.

Happy travelling and we’ll see you when you get here!

Bus & Ferry to Boracay

Boracay Ferry

Manila to Batangas Bus and Batangas to Caticlan – Ferry

For those on a budget and with more time to spare or equally so looking for the next adventure, then you can also travel from Manila to Boracay via Bus & Ferry.

After arriving in the Manila on your more than likely long international flight, you will probably want to rest up in a comfy hotel for a night or two in Manila, to recharge the batteries and get ready for the next exciting and intrepid part of the journey.

To reach Boracay you will need to take a 2 hour bus ride from Manila to Batangas the main ferry port on the big island. This 2 hour bus journey will surely open your senses to this new play ground of sun and fun that you have entered, all the while adjusting to the subtle and profound differences in this vastly simple yet beautiful way of life.

A playground of stunning beauty yes, but also overcrowded and loud at times. As you will not always find the creature comforts you might be used too if you are travelling along the rougher road in the Philippine’s, over land.

However more rewarding for some of you adventure travellers than having the luxury of the creature comforts is the fact you will truly find in yourself your raw creature, and the comforts of embracing this, The Heart of the Philippine’s will surely awaking your soul to this beautiful part of the Orient.

After arriving of the bus in Batangas and waiting in more overcrowded lines to purchase your ferry ticket to Caticlan the gateway to Boracay, you can sit back for some R&R and soak in the hustle and bustle of the locals moving about their daily routines.

A simple yet enriched life of living near solely in the moment on the raw edge of day to day survival. You will find the locals selling you refreshment drinks chips and breads, and if you dare, although we do not recommend, you will also hear the locals shouting ‘Balut!’

Balut you ask, yes the name sounds about as appetizing as it looks. When the locals crack open this local delicacy, what you will find inside is a soon be hatched 7 week old little feathery duck foetus.

Now at Graykite we are passionate on the way we travel, always exploring on the roads less travelled to bring to you the best adventure kite surfing destinations in the world.

But let’s just say even though the locals proclaim Balut makes a man strong, and even with all the strength in the world, and a €200 wager on the table at Nigi Nigi Bar, we could not stomach the thought of ingesting this slimy, feathery and soon to be cute little hatchling.

So we leave you with the words ¨try if your dare¨, but we are no held liable if your curiosity overrides your gag reflexes and end up with a not so happy a tummy.

After this overnight ferry from Batangas to the port of Caticlan which is run and operated by 2GO Travel, you will only be a 10 minute Banca Ferry boat ride away from your paradise waiting, Boracay.

Please see link below for list of Tourist Class to State Room Accommodation options on the 2GO Ferry.

More travel information can be found here.

Flying to Boracay

Boracay AirportBy far the easiest and quickest way to travel to Boracay Island is to take a plane from the domestic terminal in Manila, and fly to Kalibo or Caticlan on the island of Panay in the Visayas.

The flight time to either one of these cities is 1 hour.

You have a few airline options to choose from too Kalibo or Caticlan, Philippine Airlines, Asian Spirit, Cebu Pacific or Air Philippines.

The easiest and best flight is via Caticlan. Since the planes are smaller on this route they fly not quite as high and the views are simply breathtaking. However the main benefit is that Caticlan is just a hop skip and a jump to Boracay, where Kalibo is still another 1.5 to 2 hour air conditioned minivan ride away.

The transfer time after landing in Caticlan via plan is minimal, no more than 10 minutes to the ferry port and then another 10 minutes via Traditional Banca boat onto the paradise island of Boracay.